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Weese Spa Delivery, Relocation,
Removal and Disposal Services

6130 Monterey Rd #340
San Jose, CA 95138

Phone: 408-667-9734
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See what our satisfied customers are saying about Weese Spa/Hot Tub Delivery, Relocation, Removal and Disposal Services. We are very grateful to our customers for their loyalty and positive feedback and we always welcome new customers as well.


Stewart Family


"Since we didnt think we could ever move our spa to our new home and we could not sell it. We decided to leave it until Spa Movers came in and took care of the rest..Thanks from the Stewart Family


The Cain Family


"We were scared to death of having our spa move again. Spa Mover came in, explained to me what was going to happen, and how they have the best equipment to get any job done. They really took the pressure off of me and my family. Thanks guys!" – The Cain Family



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